Meranthon, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Valoria

Meranthon is a mage in Valoria, and married to the healer Liselle.

The Avatar was surprised to find a wounded Mage in the city of Fighters in Ultima IX. Meranthon had traveled there with a group of mages, so that he may learn the secret of defeating the Daemon Triumvirate. He had brought back with him the Tome of Daemonology, but it was lost when he was attacked by a Golem in the glade and he got wounded. He asked the Avatar to retrieve the book.

The Avatar managed to do so, but Meranthon's health deteriorated, and even though Liselle managed to save him at first, the Guardian forced Meranthon death just to mock the Avatar. Nonetheless, the book was the key to defeating the daemons.

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