Merideth Cassandra Lamby
Merideth Cassandra Lamby, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Paws

Merideth Cassandra Lamby is a young child in Paws in Ultima VI.

Young Merideth, who was named after her absent great-aunt, was frequently seen running about Paws with her little doll she received from Timothy. She lived with her kind-hearted grandmother Dorin. Merideth was more than happy to talk about the other people in Paws. She liked old Mortude because he once gave her rope to make a swing, and was fond of nervous Arbeth who told her stories. She was worried that Grison was a ghost because he was always covered in flour, and she was disgusted by the smell of Hendle. Merideth told the Avatar that Ubermon often brought her mother flowers, and that Marissa was a cruel woman.

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