Merrick, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Paws

Merrick is a former beggar, now living in the Homeless Shelter in Paws, who is trying to get people to join the Fellowship.

Merrick had once been friends with Komor and Fenn. He worked as a farmer for Komor until the seven year drought ruined Komor and they all three became beggars. Years later Merrick decided to join the Fellowship, just to get into their Homeless Shelter. This opportunism enraged Komor and Fenn so much that they learned to hate him, especially when he tried to get them to join as well.

In Ultima VII, Merrick revealed himself to have transformed into a prejudiced man. When the theft of the venom was mentioned, he at once suspected Tobias, just because he and his mother didn't want to join the Fellowship. Otherwise he only had superficial knowledge of the people of Paws. Also Merrick had become very indoctrinated, preaching the usual standard speech and trying to get people to join the Fellowship

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