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August 30, 2009
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  • Hello!

    I want to thank you for the fantastic job that you and Devi did with this NWN remake of Ultima IV. It's brilliant. I wanted to ask though how to edit the companions; I'm trying to edit their head models, portraits and so on. Whilst I can do that in their character in the "Area" section, when they level up in game they revert to their original features. I believe this is their "blueprint"? I have found the "ult_i0_henchman" script but can't see where their blueprint is or how to edit it. Can you share any tips?


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    • Hi there!

      Thanks fo much for getting back to me on that. It worked perfectly, I had no idea about all that functionality there. I would never have found that. I am indeed using 1.2.2, I came across that version when I was looking for a way online to enable 8 party members to be added, and found that you had already managed it. I'm now editing some of the characters models (I liked how Mariah was in blue, Jaana in green, Julia in orange, Katrina in black as their respective virtue colours) so I figured I'd continue the trend with the other chars to make them all colour specific to their virtue. Iolo the Bard is now dressed in yellow and brown for example. I've given him a crossbow instead of a bow, and kept the bow with Shamino. Dupre is dapper in purple and chainmail! I've made sure they all have different voices to greet you when you speak, I think Shamino and Katrina were silent.

      Whilst I'm at it I'm also changing some of their head models and portraits, and making each town of Britannia have its own unique music that plays when you enter (apart from Yew that I'm leaving as the standard music of the forest).At the moment I'm changing the portraits of the folk in the Lycaeum, several of which shared the same portrait. I may then go through the other towns and check for the same thing. I've given LB a royal cloak, and a royal scepter instead of a massive sword that he looked like he was about to hurt himself with...

      I haven't even played it much yet, I'm having more fun tweaking things in the game. Ha! Thanks so much for your help, really appreciated. It's a brilliant mod thanks to Devi and even more so with your clever improvements. 

      It's taking a while to edit each levelup of the characters, but I'm really glad I know how to do it now. I'll let you know how I get on :-)

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    • Hello,

      Good to hear that! And your improvements sound great too! Improving the models, portraits and music is a great idea. I would love to see the final version with all those changes. Good luck with your tweaks, and be sure to release a 1.3 version once you are done tweaking stuff!

      Sega381 (Glanestel Dragon)

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