Mikos, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Covetous

Mikos is the lead worker in the mine of Covetous in Ultima VII and a rather unpleasant fellow.

Mikos wasn't very friendly towards the Avatar. He said that he preferred to live in the mine and avoid the people of Minoc, proving that he was a misanthrope, someone who hates other people. He also told the Avatar about the fact that at the moment, they couldn't work because of broken machines and of the two people with a special project, Malloy and Owings. He acted innocent, but it was he himself who hired them, only to now regret it.

After having met Fodus, the Avatar confronted Mikos about the Silver Serpent Venom. Mikos denied everything and revealed another facet of his person: he also was strongly racist against Gargoyles. This meant that Mikos hated humans and Gargoyles alike, so the Avatar left the man alone to travel on.

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