Minotaur, from Ultima I manual
Only appearance: Ultima I

A result of Mondain's crossbreeding experiments to create more powerful soldiers. He mated a Baratarian fighting bull with some of his followers, resulting in the minotaur -- part human, part bull, all muscle and horns. Hard to beat and very aggressive, they apparently died out after their master's death.

They could be found roaming the dungeons of Sosaria in the time of Mondain.


D minota

A Minotaur, Ultima I

As mentioned before, the evil Mondain experimented ceaselessly with the crossbreeding of man and beast in an effort to create the ultimate soldier. As if the creation of the dread Lizard Man was not enough, the vile wizard also mated the famed Baratarian fighting bull with some of his followers, resulting in the Minotaur -- a horror that walks on two legs like a man, but which has the head and the cruel horns of a bull.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)



Minotaur in Martian Dreams

  • "Minotaur" is misspelled "Minatour" in-game in Ultima I, despite being spelled correctly within the manual.
  • A Minotaur appears in Martian Dreams in the Dream-World, as part of a visual gag.
  • Minotaurs were to be included in the cancelled Ultima X. Link: Ultima X Minotaur

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