Moctapotl, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Moctapotl is the true king of the Nahuatla Tribe on Eodon.

The Avatar found him in Savage Empire in exile at the Disquiqui Tribe. He told the hero the story how his cousin by marriage, Huitlapacti, had one day become invulnerable with the help of a foreign shaman (the insane Dr. Spector) and imprisoned the shaman Oaxtepac, forcing him to flee the city and go into exile. He knew that Huitlapacti was a madman that would cause nothing but bloodshed. He told the Avatar that Oaxtepac could know something about the foreign shaman.

Moctapotl had a fierce hatred of the Myrmidex, and agreed that the Avatar should unite the tribes against the common threat. However, he could only help if back on the throne, meaning that Huitlapacti needed to be dealt with.

After the destruction of Kotl and the death of the usurper Huitlapacti at the hands of the enraged people, Moctapotl was back in power. Thankful, he promised the Avatar his support once the time for unity arrived.