This article is about a character from Ultima VI. For the Ultima VII character, see Mole.

Mole, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Empath Abbey

Mole is a gravedigger at Empath Abbey in Ultima VI.

The Avatar discovered Mole to be a simple straight forward man whose expertise did not run beyond the realm of dirt. He worked for Glen D'Arc digging graves. Mole bragged that he was an expert on all manners of dirt, and that he learned his trade from his father.

Mole told the Avatar that he was unable to keep up with Glen D'Arc's demands for digging graves because his shovel had broken, and Glen had failed to supply the equipment funds to buy new equipment. With the help of the Avatar, Mole got a new shovel and was able to do his job properly.

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