Mondain's hidden fortress


The Fortress in the Ultima Online intro

In Ultima I, Mondain the Wizard placed his stronghold in the Time of Legends, rendering it inaccessible. It was there, where he stored his Gem of Immortality, so that his reign of terror would be endless.

Thankfully, the Stranger managed to acquire a Time Machine to travel back in time and reach the fortress, slaying the foul Mondain by shattering the Gem of Immortality and ending his reign of terror.


  • Within the fortress, the spells Create and Destroy can be used to erect or disintegrate sections of the castle wall, respectively (very useful to trap Mondain for the coup de grace); the Kill spell, on the other hand, has the effect of making Mondain stronger!
  • Until the Stranger [G]ets the gem, Mondain is rendered immortal and cannot be killed.
  • Some versions of the final confrontation in Ultima I do not have any castle walls, presenting only a black screen.
  • The fortress can also be seen in the intro of Ultima Online (which still takes place in the original timeline). A picture is provided on the right.