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Montor West, Ultima III


Montor East, Ultima III

The Montors (Montor East and West) were twin cities on Sosaria during Ultima III, where courage was especially upheld, having all the shops needed for the warrior. The twin cities were located in southern Sosaria.

During the time of Ultima I, Montor was one unified city. At some moment between Ultima I and Ultima III, it split into Montor East and West.

Montor West contained a prison, a weapon shop/armourer, and a grocery/tavern called Ambrosian Delights, besides several guards. Montor East contained a weapon shop (Acme Weaponry), an armoury (Ace Armoury), and a tavern (The Brown Orc), besides more guards.

The inhabitants of the Montors knew a lot about the Four Cards. In Montor East, they told the Stranger that there were four cards, which were very useful and should be "inserted" into four panels. In Montor West, they said that the Stranger should "search" for the cards, and also "search" the Shrines. They also mentioned that the Marks were useful, as well as Exotic Weapons and Exotic Armour.

The named inhabitants of the Montors include Jolly Joe and Baby Bob in Montor East, and Shamino and Sentri in Montor West.

In Ultima III, Montor East was a particularly easy place to steal from the vendors as they would not move with you and if the alarm was raised it was very easy to escape and then return to steal again after a little bit.  You did have to wait a while before the stores were replenished.

The twin cities started to fall into ruin after the great cataclysm that formed Britannia after Ultima III, while Jhelom became the city of Courage. The remaining inhabitants, who didn't want to accept any other virtues beside Courage, left Britannia together with the mages of Moon and beauty-worshipers of old Fawn. They eventually reached the Serpent Isle, where they founded the new city of Monitor.

This was the end of the twin cities of Montor, and by Ultima IV, every trace of their existence had vanished from the face of the world.

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