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In Moonshade

Located on the eastern island of Serpent Isle, directly south of the Mountains of Freedom lies the city of Moonshade, city of the mages and former city of Truth. The many Automatons in the city are a real sight.

Prominent places in the city are the Palace of the Magelord, where the mage called ruler, elected by the council of mages, resides. A court room is included to it. The other important building is the Seminarium, the mage school of Moonshade. But despite these fascinating sights, the traveller should avoid Moonshade. The resident mages are estranged from "Mundanes" (non-Mages), seeing them as second class citizens. Also Truth is worth nothing in the city. And everyone who the mages dislike, is thrown into the Mountains of Freedom, a horrible prison.

Should someone visit the town anyway, a provisioner, a magic shop, artisans and a combined tavern/inn try to sell everything needed. The currency are Guilders.

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Moonshade was founded by the outcast mages of Moon from Old Sosaria, a corrupt lot that refused to accept Lord British's rule. Unwilling to have the Virtue of Honesty forced upon them, they (along with fellow dissidents from the former cities of Fawn and the two Montors) fled the newly-rechristened Britannia under the nominal leadership of Erstam, eventually settling upon the Serpent Isle. Under the corrupt leadership of a Council of Mages, Moonshade became highly segregated, with non-magic users becoming an undesirable social class. Eventually, not even Erstam himself could tolerate the company of his fellow mages, and when the Council appointed the first Mage Lord, he left Moonshade in disgust.

The city slid even deeper into corruption and falsehood, and the situation was marked by political intrigue in Ultima VII Part Two, when the Avatar arrived there. Unable to change anything, the Avatar left Moonshade after completing his tasks there. Moonshade was destroyed when Shamino, possessed by one of the Banes of Chaos, returned to town. Abolishing every law, he watched in glee as the mages killed one other, while personally killing most of the survivors. Very few survived this massacre, which left Moonshade in ruins.



Both in Sosaria and here on the new continent, this town is dominated by members of my profession. In an attempt to rid ourselves of Lord British's tyrannical rule, we set out, joined by the residents of Fawn and the twin cities of Montor, to find the Serpent Pillars. Upon discovering land, my fellows and I settled immediately upon the Isle of Beyond's lake shores. So far, we have agreed upon government by a council of mages. Those who live in Moonshade trade with the Guilder.
Later note: As the surrounding area is filled with use I resources, Moonshade has attracted a great many artisans. They trade in wood-workings, glass, weaponry and wine, in addition to our own supply of reagents. I know the others are displeased, as am I. However, I find still less pleasure in the ridiculous propositions of my fellow enchanters. Beragdole even had the audacity to claim I was becoming paranoid! I have no need for their petty squabbles and inconsequential spells, for my research has taken me far beyond their capabilities.

Further note: I am forced to withdraw from Moonshade. Like the other two centers of population, the city has prospered and of that I am proud. But the incessant babbling of the Council of Mages, an organization I faulted from the beginning, reaches inside me, wearing at my sanity. There is now a Magelord who reigns over the Council; practically a king! Here, away from the others, I can pursue the true discipline of magic.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

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Map of Moonshade

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  • Originally, Moonshade was supposed to be even bigger, with a whole second layer. However, the hard- and software limits of the time prevented this.

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