More Avatar Adventures

More Avatar Adventures (ISBN 1-55958-251-0) is a strategy guide published by Prima in 1993 as a continuation of Ultima: The Avatar Adventures, written by Caroline Spector. It covers Ultima Underworld I and Ultima VII (including Forge of Virtue). It is 368 pages long and originally retailed for USD$19.95.

The style of the walkthroughs for the two games is similar to its predecessor, complete with many additional hints and maps. The only difference from the previous book is that the Avatar actually tells the stories to the author's alter ego, instead of being relayed as a journal. Also, due the scope of Ultima VII, the walkthrough skips many elements of the story. Additionally, the book includes previews to Ultima Underworld II and Ultima VII Part Two and an interview with Paul Neurath and Warren Spector.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the previews of both Ultima Underworld II and Ultima VII Part Two, the series was not continued.