Morfin, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Paws

Morfin is the owner of the slaughterhouse in Paws. Being a shady man, he also deals with things that are immoral.

When the Avatar arrived in Paws in Ultima VII, it was soon made apparent that something had been stolen from Morfin, namely a vial of Silver Serpent Venom. When the Avatar spoke to Morfin, he with some hesitation related as much information as he could, even talking about effects and the dangers of the venom. However, it was suspicious that such a thing was even in his possession, even though he claimed to only sell it to the apothecary in Britain. After questioning the inhabitants, Feridwyn accused the boy Tobias of stealing the Venom, but Morfin felt that it was a frame-up and instead suspected Garritt, Feridwyn's son. So with a key that Garritt had lost, the Avatar opened his chest and revealed him to be the thief, reporting the success to Morfin, solving the case.

However, the Avatar felt that Morfin hid something, and after managing to enter the storeroom found out that Morfin was trading the highly dangerous venom. However, Morfin weaseled himself out of responsibility by claiming that the law didn't explicitly forbid the trade. While this technically was true, it still violated the spirit of the laws. He even boasted how the Britannian Mining Company used it to exploit their Gargoyle workers.

Later talking to Fred in Britain revealed that Morfin used to work in Buccaneer's Den, but relocated his activities when other businesses there began to injure his bottom line.

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