Morganna is killed by the curse

Morganna is a gypsy fortune-teller encamped near Minoc

In Ultima IX, Blackthorn laid a curse upon the gypsies of Minoc, condemning all who gave aid to the Avatar to die, consumed by magical flames.[1]

Morganna, satisfied in her long life and knowing the necessity of the hero's mission, invoked the curse upon herself by revealing to the Avatar the mantra of Sacrifice; the entrance to the local column through the blackrock mines of Covetous; and the significance of the blackrock crystal ball, which she hoped could be used to convince her people of the imminent danger of refusing to give the hero aid. As the fire of Blackthorn's spell overtook her, she laid a counter curse on the artificer of her demise, condemning him to "die... alone, defeated by a man he betrayed, scorned by his only ally!"[2]

Eventually, Morganna's curse was fulfilled, with Blackthorn dying at the hands of Lord British in the Stygian Abyss while the Guardian proffered him no aid.


  • Morganna mentions to the Avatar that "We have met once before, but perhaps not in the way you believe." It is possible that she is implying that she is the gypsy who assists in the character creation questions.[2]


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