Morghrim, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Northern Forest

Morghrim is the Forest Master in Ultima VII Part Two. He lives in a grove of Silverleaf trees in the Northern Forest of Serpent Isle. His face is horribly scarred and he’s blind.

Morghrim introduces himself as Friend to Windrunner (the silver timberwolf running around his house), former protector of Elerion and now refugee of Pagan. He claims he can speak to animals and trees. While the Forest Master understands killing for food and necessities, he dislikes trappers that kill just for the love of killing things, such as Hazard.

Elerion was the Great Tree of Life back on Pagan, which was burned by the Guardian’s followers. Elerion had stood for more than a millennium. Morghrim was able to obtain a Silver Seed from Elerion before the flames blinded him. Windrunner saved him, but he’s been blind and scarred since that day. He used the last of his powers to transport himself and Windrunner from Pagan, and they landed in Serpent Isle. Morghrim has been the caretaker of the trees on Serpent Isle for several centuries now. He supposes that the time difference between Pagan and Serpent Isle are to account for his and Windrunner’s longevity.

Because Morghrim was a guardian of the Tree of Life, he was a prime target for the Guardian and his followers. Unfortunately, when Morghrim fled through the Ethereal Void with the Silver Seed, it was damaged and rendered useless. His task would have been to plant it on Serpent Isle, but not even the Xenkan Monks could heal it.

The Orb (or Heart) of Elerion is the sum of all Morghrim’s powers. He put it in there himself, and it’s spiritually connected to him. His thoughts, emotions, perceptions and soul are all tied to it. It basically IS his heart. If destroyed, Morghrim would die. Without it, he’s just a dead man walking—he cannot heal the land or anything. Also, if anyone else bears the orb, they’re virtually impervious to all forms of harm. They will be almost as powerful as the Forest Master, while the Forest Master himself would be weakened.

When the Avatar meets the Forest Master to ask for a way to find the Hound of Doskar, the Orb of Elerion has been stolen by Draygan. The Forest Master agrees to help once the orb is returned to him, and gives the Avatar a Hound Whistle.

Trivia Edit

  • So long as the Orb of Elerion hasn’t been stolen, the Forest Master can summon the Hound of Doskar at will.
  • Beryl lives with the Forest Master after helping the Avatar return the orb.

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