Morlock, from Ultima Underworld
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld
Location: Abyss-Level Six

Morlock is a mage of the Seers of the Moonstone.

The Avatar met him in Ultima Underworld I on the sixth level of the Abyss. At first the Avatar was confused, since Morlock seemed to expect something to be delivered to him. However, after talking with Bronus, the Avatar gave Morlock the book received from the other mage.

Morlock strangely congratulated the Avatar on slaying an eight-headed fire hydra, something the Avatar corrected the mage on. Morlock thus revealed that it had been the second part of the test of Honesty, a test the Avatar had passed, and he felt that the hero thus deserved the Book of Honesty. His hints about a hourglass and a key proved to be a code for room shaped like that.

Later, Garamon rescued him when the volcano erupted.

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