Mosh, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Mosh is a homeless woman (also known as "The Rat Woman") living in the city of Moonshade on the Serpent Isle.

Mosh was the twin sister of Columna, the Green Enchantress, a vain woman who went on to steal the Comb of Beauty from Lady Yelinda of Fawn. Using it's powers, Columna made herself look unnaturally young and desirable and went on to deny that she and Mosh were related. In addition to this, Columna also used magic to seduce Mosh's beloved, a young mage named Trulacci.

It's unclear how Mosh became homeless. When the Avatar met her in Ultima VII Part Two, she was sleeping in the gutters, with her only "friends" being the rats she fed and cared for. She had a gruff demeanor and initially had little to say to the Avatar, as the hero had no spellbook and even in her fallen state, Mosh had little respect for "mundanes."

Once the hero was a proven magic-user, Mosh proved more receptive. She related her story to the Avatar and would gift him or her with a Magic Harp after the hero charitably gave the old beggar women some fish (big orange type, bought from Inn) to eat. Using the harp soothed the violent temperament of the ratmen which dwelt in the catacombs, causing them to sleep and allowing the hero to pass through their dwellings unscathed.

When Shamino the Anarch later overtook Moonshade, Mosh died in the resulting chaos.


  • Mosh mentions that Trulacci's son "now languishes in the depths of the Mountains of Freedom," although the identify of this child is never explicitly revealed. It might be that this refers to Stefano, which may imply that either Mosh or Columna is, in fact, his mother - making the affair of the stockings even more interesting.
  • According to the original design documents for Serpent Isle, Mosh was intended to survive the coming of Shamino the Anarch, and could be found gleefully murdering cats with the Death Vortex spell, happy that the magical restrictions against such things were no longer in place. [1]


  1. Armintrout, Bill. Ultima VII, Part Two: THE SERPENT ISLE - Moonshade Townplot (MOONSHAD.DOC). September 8, 1992. Page 12.

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