Murray, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Bee Cave

Murray is a man forced into a naturist lifestyle by the Britannian Tax Council, living in the Bee Cave together with his wife Myrtle.

When meeting Tseramed in Ultima VII, the ranger told the Avatar that there were two strange people living in the Bee Cave that he thought he knew from his past in Yew. Entering the cave, the Avatar soon found two totally naked people who called themselves Papa and Mama.

At first it seemed as if these two grew up in the cave, but after probing further, "Papa" had to give up the charade and admitted that he was Murray, former owner of the Apothecary in Yew. The Tax Council had literally taken away his last shirt, so he and his wife had decided to leave civilisation and enter a new simple way of life. He then excused himself, as he wasn't in the mood for any further conversation.