Myauri, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Gwani
Ultima VII Part Two

Myauri (meaning ‘Blizzard’) is the Hunting Master of the Gwani at the time of the Avatar's arrival in Serpent Isle. He is the mate of Yenani. Their daughter is Neyobi and their son is Kapyundi.

When the Avatar first encountered him in Ultima VII Part Two, Myauri was gravely concerned that the sudden sickness of his daughter could be the first sign of a dark fate that could befall his people. He wondered if his people were no longer needed once the universe would go back to balance, and doomed to die out, despite all the hardship they'd managed to survive. He also spoke about Gwenno and how she'd befriended their clan.

Myauri was one of the few Gwani to survive when Hazard slaughtered the tribe, staying behind with his family in the shattered remains of their clan, his prediction of a dark future having become true.

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