Myrmidex from Savage Empire manual
Only appearance: Savage Empire

Myrmidex are huge, ant-like creatures in the valley of Eodon. They possess great strength and can take much punishment before going down. They are also organized much like an Ant hive, with the drones doing most of the work while a queen rules over them. They were originally created as work slaves, but things quickly went awry and in the end, the Myrmidex destroyed their own creators.

The good news for the adventurer: Myrmidex are seldomly encountered on the surface. The bad news: the underground beneath Eodon is infested with them!



A group of Myrmidex warriors

The Myrmidex are an insect species, but one unlike any ever seen in the other world. Myrmidex (my own name for them, and the name to which I've translated all native references to them in our various notes and papers) are ant - like in structure and social organization, but grow to manlike size. As such, they make hash of prevailing theory about the square - cubed laws, but they do exist, and are a formidable and savage race ... much like the ants to which they appear to be related. They are a frightful danger in the Valley of Eodon, and show signs of intelligence to augment their ant - like ferocity and tirelessness.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire)

Notable Examples Edit

  • The Myrmidex Queen is probably the best example, since she also possesses a devilish intelligence.
  • Chizzztl, the Myrmidex "king," is truthfully second in power to the Queen.