Mythran, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Ethereal Void

Mythran is a wise scholar and mage. He lives within the Ether, around the world of Pagan. Thaumaturgy is his chosen field of magic.

The people of Tenebrae always wondered what the old man actually did on the Plateau. This mystic atmosphere was only helped by his extra-dimensional house in the Ethereal Void. Mythran helped Bentic to write the passages about magic in The Chronicle of Pagan, closing the gaps caused by Mordea and Malchir, also adding the story of Ultima VII and the land of Britannia.

In Ultima VIII, the Avatar visited him in his house. Mythran was surprised that someone tried to leave Pagan altogether, but concluded that it had to be possible, should the power of the Titans be overcome. Getting much good information from Mythran, the Avatar received a Recall Item and the offer to learn Thaumaturgy, the magic of the ether, from him. Mythran even sold the spells and needed reagents. Mythran also sold the Avatar a special magic scroll to open hidden or magic doors.

Mythran taught the Avatar everything he could, before being shown the Tongue of Flames. Knowing that this was the solution to leaving Pagan, he taught the Avatar the needed spell to travel to the Ethereal Void.

The Zealan Ceremony Shield and Korghin's Fang can also be found within Mythran's kouse.

Lore Edit

Master of Thaumaturgy, Mythran, is a quirky, peculiar man. Many give witness to his abilities with magic, yet none can draw a connection between his powers and those of any of the other spellcasters. There seems little that he does not know or cannot find out, and many have made their way to his home atop the plateau to glean what they can from his wisdom. He speaks as though there were other Thaumaturges, but I have heard naught of them elsewhere.
Those who have seen it say his house is quite unusual. Only a small hovel on the outside, his home is considerably larger within. Rumors claim that the entire second story is devoted to his research and experiments, and considering his vast wealth of knowledge, there seems no reason for doubt.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)


  • Since Shaana visits him regularly (obviously by the way of teleporting), it is speculated what her connection to him is. Either his daughter, or a learner of magic. It has been hinted she's his grand-daughter
  • Mythran will give the Avatar a red potion every day, if asked.
  • Attacking him will result in a instant death (And Mythran says he hates to do that, even feels "what a pity").
  • He is named "Mizrán" in the Spanish translation.

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