The hint book

The NES-Port of Ultima III had its own hint book. Unlike the ports for Ultima IV and V, the book was sold separately. It was created in 1990 by the licensor FCI, but with Origin's approval (since it appeared in the 90-91 Origin catalogue). It retailed at US$8.00, is 80 pages long and contains a walkthrough for the game, plus maps for every town and dungeon (though the dungeon maps are extremely basic, only giving the general layout of each floor and the locations of secret doors). It also contains a brief graphic-novel retelling of Sosarian history (including the stories of Ultima I and II, which were never ported to the NES) and the origin of Lord British.

The book was originally written in Japanese and translated for English-speaking markets by a group credited as "Work House USA, Inc." The identity of the actual author(s) of the book is unknown.