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The Nahuatla Tribe is clearly at the top of the tribes of Eodon. Their ancestors hailing from the Aztecs, they are far more advanced than the other tribes, practicing farming and working copper and bronze. They are also the only tribe to have money in the form of emeralds and engaging in modern trade instead of barter. Their city Tichticotl in south-central Eodon is a stone-made monument of their superiority, its huge pyramids visible from practically the whole valley.

At the time of Savage Empire, the tribe had come under the dictatorship of the bloodthirsty usurper Huitlapacti, who'd chased away the rightful king Moctapotl after being made invulnerable by the mad Dr. Spector. To break this state of things and return Moctapotl to his rightful place on the throne, the Avatar had to find the ancient city of Kotl, in which the generators were located that held up the invulnerability field.

With the field down, the furious people of Tichticotl lynched the hated Huitlapacti, and Moctapotl agreed to send his forces against the Myrmidex when the tribes united.

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There is no double in my mind that the Nahuatla people are related to the outer-world Aztec culture. Indeed, it is my belief that the Nahuatla and the Aztecs both descended from a single culture, and that members of that culture were transported to the Valley of Eodon at a time in the ancient past. The very word "Nahuatl," in fact, refers to the language spoken by the Aztecs.
The Nahuatl, like their outer-world counterparts, build massive pyramids, temple buildings, and homes in stone. They work gold. They have a certain reverence for the sun, but they do not anthropomorphize it, or directly worship it: Like the other valley natives, and unlike the Aztecs, they withhold their special reverence for the valley's nature - spirits. However, Nahuatla legend and the behavior of a recent Nahuatla leader make me believe that ancient customs of human sacrifice were once part of the Nahuatla culture.
They are somewhat more technologically advanced than the other tribes, working copper and bronze for ornamentation ... although tradition has apparently kept them to the obsidian standard for their weaponry. And they are distinctly more agrarian than the other tribes, growing and harvesting much of their food, hunting and gathering the rest.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)

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