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Nahuatla Tribesmen

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Nahuatla Tribesmen
Nahuatla - female
Nahuatla Tribesmen, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Nahuatla - male

Nahuatla - male

The Nahuatla Tribesmen are the mainstay of the Nahuatla Tribe in Savage Empire.

When the Avatar talked to them, they were quite careful with what they said, only barely hiding their disgust at the usurper Huitlapacti out of pure fear because of his cruelty. They didn't dare to talk about politics, but revealed to the Avatar some secrets of pot-making and how to get clay, that weapons could be bought at Atlipacta's shop and that Paxaptamac was the weaver of the city.

After the destruction of Kotl, they lynched the now vulnerable Huitlapacti in fury, enabling Moctapotl to return to his rightful place as king.

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