Nakai, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Nakai is the sickly prince of the Barrab Tribe in Savage Empire.

Nakai had nearly succumbed to his illness when the Avatar first met his father, Balakai, the chief of the Barrab. On the request of his father, the Avatar returned with a powerful herb that quickly cured his illness. With his fever gone, Nakai was then conscious, albeit weak, and able to talk to the Avatar.

Nakai was most grateful for the Avatar's assistance. Nakai confided that being chief and shaman like his father was too much effort, and was willing to simply be the tribe's chief in the future. He also told the Avatar about his little sister Nakola, and how she enjoyed hiding in trees and scaring Disquiqui tribesmen as well as the foolish Barrab Nawl. He also mentioned how in his youth, he had been friends with the Sakkhra, and knew well of the problems their tribe faced.

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