Nan, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Britain

Nan is a Bard and instructor at the Conservatory in Britain. She works with her husband, Kenneth, and their most promising pupil Ariana.

When talking to her in Ultima VI, she seemed to be suffering from paranoid hallucinations seeing spiders everywhere she looked. She even had difficulty playing her lute because she saw spiders crawl out of it every time she picked it up. In hopes of helping Iolo had given her a pair of gloves for her birthday in hopes the protection they give would provide her with the confidence to play.

Tholden directed the Avatar to the bards of the Hall of Bards as he had entrusted the Mantra and Rune to them. Asked about the mantra she told the Avatar it is 'MU'. Asked of the rune she said they gave it to Ariana.

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