Nastassia, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Cove

Nastassia is the keeper of the Shrine of Compassion in Ultima VII, a young woman with a sad story, who at the end finally breaks the chains of depression.

Her life already began sad. When Nastassia was very young, her mother, then the keeper of the shrine, got the news of the death of her husband Julius. Driven by depression, she committed suicide on the shrine. Nastassia grew up as orphan, shunned by the others in Cove, becoming very reclusive. When the inhabitants of the so-called town of love finally realised what they did, it was too late, and Nastassia only lived for the Shrine of Compassion, turning away all of her suitors in the years to come.

Years later, during the time of Ultima VII, the Avatar visited Cove. Speaking with Nastassia, the Avatar found her to be a very shy woman. While she spoke about her ancestors and the shrines of Britannia, she didn't want to say what her personal reasons were to care for the shrine so much. The Avatar finally learned of her back story when first talking to Lord Heather and then to De Maria. So returning to Nastassia, the Avatar finally broke the ice, and she told the Avatar about her father and her wish to learn what happened to him, so the Avatar promised her to travel to Yew and find out the truth.

Now the gender of the Avatar plays a role:

  • A male Avatar was then suddenly kissed by her, it seemed the she does like him and he does like her. She admitted how much she liked him, and hoped he would find the truth soon. Once he did (Julius died defending the Emps), she became very happy that her father had not left her family on purpose. She hoped that the Avatar would finish his quest soon, as she really wanted to spend time with him and offers to share her home with him once his quest is done.
  • A female Avatar was told that Nastassia felt lonely as a single child and would really like to accept her in a bond as an adoptive sister. She admitted how lonely she is, and hoped she would find the truth soon. Once she did (Julius died defending the Emps), Nastassia became very happy that her father had not left her family on purpose. With this burden gone, the bond between her and the Avatar strengthened.

The last thing heard from her was during Ultima Underworld II. Nastassia had become a really happy woman, leading the people of Cove while they cleaned the Lock Lake from all the pollution in it

Trivia Edit

  • The Avatar does meet her great-great-grandmother Ariana in Ultima VI, where she's still a child.

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