Nawl, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Nawl is an outcast member of the Barrab Tribe in Savage Empire.

When the Avatar first met Nawl, he claimed the Avatar was a member of the Haakur Tribe, and refused to believe it possible for him to be a member of any other. Nawl was quite happy to describe himself to the Avatar as a brave and strong warrior, who knew everything and had outsmarted all the other tribes, defeating all of his enemies. Nawl claimed that the Barrab chief Balakai was a great man, and it was his mastery of the blue stone that made the tribe so powerful. Of course, Balakai later admitted that the stones were completely worthless.

Despite all of Nawl's claims of greatness, he had been banned from the Barrab Tribe for his lies, and had even been beaten up by the chief's small daughter Nakola, and was terrified by even the mention of her name.

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