Negate Magic

  • Also Called: Negate
  • Words of Power: AN ORT
  • Reagents: GA, MR, SA
  • Circle: 6th

Even the strongest spellcaster trembles before this spell. All the pride, all the hubris is gone as soon as this incarnation is spoken, as it stops the working of all magic in the area for a limited amount of time. Magical creatures like Liches and Gazers are practically crippled, while enemy spellcasters can only do the wise thing, and run.


When faced with a greater or more telling magic than one's own, the practitioner of the mystic arts may decide it best for all involved to suspend everyone's use of thaumaturgy for a short time. At this time one should invoke the powers of the Negate spell by mixing Garlic with its warding characteristics together with the exotic Mandrake ripe with mystic potency. To this blend add but an equal amount of Sulphurous Ash to provide the spark of fusion and speak your own name backwards. All magic shall instantly cease save the enchantment of Negation itself, which is manifested by the vision of a glowing “N” hovering before your eyes. The Negate spell will last only a brief time, which should be used for either the annihilation of your enemies or for the judicious removal of your presence from the troubled spot.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

In An creates an air of magical negation. Spells fizzle when In An is in effect and neither side in combat can use magic for several rounds. First, mandrake root must be gathered; the root must be rubbed with garlic and wrapped in a damp, black cloth for several hours. At midnight, it must be pulverized and mixed with sulphurous ash. The mixture must be dried on parchment and the parchment then folded into a tricorn. In casting the spell, a hole must be cut in the tricorn and the mixture dispensed from this in a wide arc.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

  • The Crown of Lord British does the same thing, with no time limit. Without it, surviving dungeon Doom is impossible.
  • The Storm Cloak also negates magic.
  • There are certain areas in Ultima VII, where a negate-effect is active.

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