Nell, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Castle Britannia

Nell is a servant in Castle Britannia with a secret.

Prior to Ultima VII, Nell had an affair with Lord British while she also was engaged to Carrocio. Once it became clear that she got pregnant, she and Lord British decided to keep the matter silent and let Carrocio be the father.

She first spoke about her duties, then her family. Her father was Benny, the head butler, her mother Boots, the kitchen chef, and her brother Charles, another servant. When mentioning her child, she almost revealed her secret but then composed herself and said that she and Carrocio wanted to marry as soon as he could afford a marriage ring. She asked the Avatar to keep her pregnancy secret from her brother.

Between Ultima VII and Underworld II, she did marry Carrocio in a big wedding in the castle and gave birth to a son. After her parents retired at the same time, she started to have much more duties.

In Ultima Underworld II she was locked into the castle with the others, hoping that her son, who was with her husband, was all right. Nell reported to the Avatar, that she had heard a male voice chanting a spell in the throne room at 4:00AM, shortly before the Blackrock Dome locked in the castle. She also took part in Nanna's servant strike, until the Avatar solved the situation.


  • The Avatar can reveal the pregnancy in Ultima VII to Charles, which results in him planning a shotgun wedding.