Nelson, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Castle Britannia

Nelson is a scholar in Moonglow, who is the leader of the Lycaeum. He also is the twin brother of Brion, the orrery keeper. He also is a very calm man.

The Avatar met Nelson in Moonglow in Ultima VII, where he was a great source for information of all kind. He also, like his twin brother, showed the Avatar his collection of stuff (which was mostly junk). He later directed the Avatar to Jillian in the Lycaeum, who could give the answers concerning the island of Ambrosia.

After the destruction of the Black Gate, Nelson also dwelled on mystic arts, beside his other activities, while growing himself a beard. He left Moonglow then for some time, for studies in the castle of Lord British.

One year later, in Ultima Underworld II, he too attended the festival in Britain, and was imprisoned into Castle Britannia by the Guardian's Blackrock Dome. Nelson however stayed calm, while researching the nature of their prison, telling his findings the Avatar. However, just when Nelson had found the solution to the problem, he was murdered by mayor Patterson, who was an agent of the Guardian, with a dagger into the back. The Avatar avenged him on the spot, killing Patterson.

Trivia Edit

  • There is an interesting love triangle going on, with Nelson being part of it. Zelda has a crush on Brion. Brion admits he has no feelings for Zelda, but Nelson has. Zelda decides that she should go for Nelson, since he looks the same. Quite interesting, eh?
  • In Ultima Underworld II, Nelson teaches Lore and Searching.