New Jester; Uranus, 2112 A.D.


The Stranger: "Don't send in the clowns!"

The New Jester was a village located on Uranus in the Terran Solar System in the year 2112 A.D., found in Ultima II.

Aside from the very fact that it existed on another planet, New Jester was only noteworthy for its bizarre residents: hordes of jesters, who were (mostly) non-hostile, but nonetheless refused to leave the Stranger alone.

When the Stranger defeated Minax and restored the timeline to normal, New Jester (thankfully) disappeared.

Shops and Services Edit

  • Wizard spells ("Magic is Fun")
  • Cleric spells ("Druid Magic")
  • Food ("Jack in de Box")
  • Oracle ("Sear," "Sears," "More Sears," "Monkey Ward")

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to get through this village without killing any jesters, but not easy. There are several areas (particularly "The Swamp") where one can get stuck with only one way out -- blocked by an immovable Jester (and there are at least two in the village that are invulnerable, even to cannon fire!).
  • The grocery's name is a reference to the real-life chain of restaurants Jack in the Box.
  • There are several shapes formed by trees, walls and other objects in the village. These include:
    • A jester in the middle of the town, formed by different types of floors over the water.
    • A Pac-Man and a Pac-Man ghost, formed out of trees.
    • The expression or laugh "Ha!" formed out of trees.
    • A human form, a face (skull?, smiley?) and some sort of animal (a frog?) formed out of trees.

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