Nomaan, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Jhelom

Naughty Nomaan is a blacksmith in Jhelom in Ultima V and Ultima VI.

Like most vendors, Nomaan had little to say in Ultima V; although, he had already picked up the nickname 'Naughty' by this point.

When the Avatar again met Nomaan in Ultima VI, the hero found Nomaan to be a straight-laced, serious man. Some time before the Avatar met him, Nomaan had won the Rune of Valor in a contest sponsored by Zellivan. Nomaan told the Avatar that while celebrating at the 'Sword and Keg' after his victory, his hands unsteady after a quart of ale, he dropped the rune, which was immediately picked up by a large rat. Despite the best efforts by the tavern patrons to stop the rat, the rat was able to make off into its hole with the rune. Since that time, nobody in Jhelom had been able to find it.

Nomaan was willing to sell the Avatar arms and armour.

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