In the lab

The north pole lab of the deceased martian Kaxishek, mate of Xaktsesh, is located at 54°N 112°E.

After the other Martians had fled into the Dream-World and left their bodies behind, Kaxishek felt that the solution would be to transfer their minds into robot bodies in order to survive the plague. He'd managed to solve the problem and create bodies, but it was too late to save himself, and the plague killed him before he could tell the others of the success.

In Martian Dreams, the Avatar found the lab after melting the ice, following Xaktsesh's directions. A body for Chsheket was already there for usage, but the internal heartstone was missing. The robot Cutter could make one, after first gathering some radium and then an azurite gem, which the Avatar acquired from William Randolph Hearst.

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