Ultima VI run under Nuvie demonstrating drag and drop


Demonstrating Nuvie's save game system

Nuvie is an open-source project focused on the playability of Ultima VI on modern systems. Their engine uses the original data files from the game. It is still in the process of development, and the authors hope to eventually support the game fully, as well as the Worlds of Ultima games.

The last update was at August 19th 2007, with a lot of additions to the last build. The project is still active, although news flow slowly into the main website.

In the words of the team:

"Sorry... Yes, we really should update more. While major development has progressed on and off this past year (as with most open-source projects, when RealLife[tm] permits), we *have* continued working. We tend to focus the time we can spend on Nuvie on actual code work (and sometimes idle chat), neglecting the website until there is quite a bit to report."

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