Oaxtepac, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Oaxtepac is the shaman of the Nahuatla Tribe in Savage Empire.

Prior to the events of Savage Empire, the usurper Huitlapacti had Oaxtepac thrown into prison, since he could be a danger to his position and Dr. Spector suspected he could know something critical. When the Avatar found him in prison, Oaxtepac told how one day the invulnerable Dr. Spector had come into the city and made Huitlapacti king, forcing Moctapotl into exile.

Oaxtepac told the Avatar the story of how humans were brought to Eodon by the inhabitants of the once-great city of Kotl and how they finally rebelled and left their former masters, whose city eventually fell into ruin. He revealed that the Kotl Gem would be the key to enter the city and explained how to use it. However, the gem had been lost during a raid of the Urali Tribe. To his surprise, Aiela presented the gem, revealing that Darden had tried to buy her love with it.

Oaxtepac added, that the Avatar would also need a strange metal head he'd found years ago (the head of Yunapotli), and added that the man called Fritz also had a connection to this strange head.

After the usurper was lynched by the people, Oaxtepac was freed and returned to his position as shaman at Moctapotl's side.

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