The Nahuatla obsidian-edged sword


Darden wielding an obsidian sword

The obsidian sword, crafted by the Nahuatla Tribe, is the most powerful primitive melee weapon found in the land of Eodon in Savage Empire.

Ten of these swords are required to satisfy the chief of the Yolaru Tribe. They were also obtainable from Atlipacta, the Nahuatla Tribe armourer, in trade for 3 emeralds each.

These swords appeared only in Savage Empire.

Lore Edit

Among the natives the Nahuatla obsidian-edged sword is considered the 'chief' of weapons, with the widely-used atl-atl, or spear-thrower, as the well-respected 'shaman'. Beyond that, in descending order of worth, we have the large, two-handed club favored by the strongest natives; the hand-thrown spear; the stone axe used by most native warriors; the primitive short-bow used by nearly every tribe for both warfare and hunting; the solid wood club; the rock hammer, a single-handed club; the scalpel - sharp Nahuatla obsidian knife, more practical as a tool than a weapon; and, finally the relatively rare boomerang.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)

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