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(Old) Fawn, as seen in Ultima III

Old Fawn, known as "The City of the Sea," was a city on Sosaria that existed at the time of Ultima I and Ultima III. Fawn was located on an island off the northern coast and was only reachable by ship. Among its stores Fawn had a tavern (Canteen), a healer (Healer's Three), a grocery (Provisions), and a guild shop (Tools of Trade).

Fawn's inhabitants were especially vain and attracted to outside beauty. However, they gave several hints related to the Great Earth Serpent to the Stranger in his quest to defeat Exodus. In particular, they insisted that the Stranger had to "pray" in the Circle of Light (in Yew) for the invocation. The Stranger would have to "invoke" then the Silver Snake in order to reach the Castle of Fire. They also warned the Stranger that the hero would need the Mark of the Snake in order to pass it by.

However, the city started to fall into ruin after the great cataclysm that formed Britannia after Ultima III. The remaining inhabitants were disappointed that Lord British had rejected their proposition to declare Beauty a Virtue. They therefore decided to leave Britannia, together with the mages of Moon and fighters of the Montors. The group eventually reached the Serpent Isle. The people of Old Fawn founded the new city of Fawn in this new continent.

This was the end of the old city of Fawn, and by Ultima IV, every trace of its existence had vanished from the face of Britannia.

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Fawn, oh, yea verily, Fawn -- The City of the Sea. The people of this town are a fair people indeed, from the healers three to the keeper at the Canteen. Most will greet thee with a wish of "Good Day" as ye pass. There is knowledge here, though, of the Silver Snake. 'Tis said to be a most difficult obstacle; one which can bar the way to thy quest. So seek ye those who wouldst impart knowledge of the Silver Snake.
For those occasional vessels requiring provisions and guild tools, resupply is available in Fawn. -Lord Galyn Pendoric

- from Secrets of Sosaria (Ultima III)

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