The old village, overrun with Myrmidex

The Old Pindiro Village lies to the west of the present village of the Pindiro Tribe on Eodon. Years ago, seismic activity caused the tribe to leave the village. The next day, an earthquake struck and destroyed the ancient bridge to the village. Without it, the tribe couldn't reclaim the village, so they had to give up their old home.

In Savage Empire, the Avatar managed to gain access to the village by felling a big tree near the location of the former bridge with a grenade. It turned out that it was a good thing the tribe was gone, since by then, the Myrmidex had created an entrance to the Myrmidex Caves there, swarming the old village.

The Avatar also found Seggallion here, who acted strangely and had (seemingly) lost his memory of the hero.

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