Olon, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Fawn

Olon was a sailor from Fawn, a city on the Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two.

In the city of Beauty, Olon owned and captained his own ship for several years. Then one day, the Teleport Storms began ravaging Serpent Isle. Olon was on the dock when his ship was struck by one of the strange lightning bolts. Olon claims the ship itself was replaced by a grain cart, but everyone on board remained and quickly drowned when the cart fell into the sea. Ruined and depressed that he had not died with his crew, Olon took to drinking heavily in the local pub, the Broken Oar. After having a few rounds, he would tell anyone who would listen (indeed, and many who did not care to listen) any tale or story he could remember. Two of his favorites involved the Castle of the White Dragon and the story of two Ice Dragons.

The Avatar arrived in Fawn amid the Storms, along with three companions. When Olon spotted one of them, Iolo, carrying a lute, he correctly guessed that Iolo was a bard. Olon promptly asked him to sing a song for him. Iolo, seeking his missing wife, could only sing a sad tune that sent Olon promptly back to the pub. Soon thereafter, another of the Avatar's companions, Dupre, was put on trial for heresy. Olon was called as a character witness, but true to form he was completely drunk when it came time to testify.

Like most of the citizens of Fawn, Olon was killed when the Insanity Bane (possessing the body of Iolo) destroyed the city.

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