Olwyn is the arms merchant in Britain in Ultima IX.

Olwyn was the wife of Giovanni the blacksmith, and even though she was short on conversation, she was quick to sell her husband's wares.

Goods Edit

Armour and Shields Cost
*Chain Arms 510gp
*Chain Boots 300gp
*Chain Chest 900gp
*Chain Coif 300gp
*Chain Gauntlets 210gp
*Chain Leggings 720gp
Leather Arms 85gp
Leather Boots 50gp
Leather Chest 150gp
Leather Cap 50gp
Leather Gauntlets 35gp
Leather Leggings 120gp
Steel Buckler 60gp
Weapons Cost
Hand Axe 130gp
Mace 150gp
Short Sword 35gp
Spiked Club 60gp
Staff 55gp

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