Ophelia, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Jhelom

Ophelia is an attractive barmaid working in Jhelom at the Bunk and Stool.

Prior to the events of Ultima VII, Ophelia was courted by an inexperienced fighter named Cosmo. Disinterested in him and weary of his attentions, she vowed to marry him, but only if he could locate a unicorn and thereby prove his sexual purity.

When the Avatar met Ophelia in Ultima VII, she was working at the Bunk and Stool, serving food and drink and exchanging barbed comments with her co-worker and house mate, Daphne. Speaking with her, the hero could gain information about a recent debacle involving Sprellic, the owner of the inn, and the Library of Scars. At the time, Ophelia was fielding bets in favor of Sprellic besting three fighters (Syria, Vokes and Timmons) in a duel, claiming that the mild-mannered innkeeper was the returned Avatar of legend.

The Avatar could inquire about Cosmo, if the hero had previously met the unlucky adventurer on his quest in Dungeon Destard. If asked, Ophelia would be blunt about her feelings for the youth and imply that his errand was a means to keep him busy.

Trivia Edit

  • Ophelia will prove flirtatious if spoken to by a male Avatar.
  • While it is possible for the Avatar to convince a unicorn known as Lasher to assist Cosmo in his task, the ultimate fate of Cosmo and Ophelia is never made explicit in the series.

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