An Oracle prepares a reading.

The Oracles, once found in a few isolated locations throughout Ultima II and Ultima III were known for dispensing great wisdom -- for a price. Although costly, their visions provided invaluable information on the Stranger's journeys.

In Ultima II, Oracles (also known as Seers) could be found in Le Jester on Earth (1423 B.C.) and in Computer Camp on Neptune. Their clues could be bought for 100 gold. The Oracle would randomly give one of several clues, some of which included mentioning the usefulness of the force field ring, and a tip to get it from and old man in New San Antonio.

Lore Edit

In secluded sections of some towns dwell gifted Oracles. With their vision they can provide much understanding of the occurrences in the world around thee. Knowledge is a costly thing, so bring a heavy purse.

- from The Book of Play (Ultima III)

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