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The Order Serpent

The blue Order Serpent is one of the three Serpents of Serpent Isle, which maintain balance in the universe.

Together with the other two serpents, it appeared in the Lands of Danger and Despair shortly after Ultima I. It taught them its way of Order. When Exodus abducted the Great Earth Serpent, Chaos and Order came into conflict, which led to the War of Imbalance. The war between the two beliefs was long and brutal, but in the end Order reigned victorious. But Order's victory was short-lived. Alone in the Void, it lost its mind with its two siblings gone.

When the Avatar was about to restore Balance in Ultima VII Part Two, Order regained some awareness, and tried to stop the hero, but failed. With all three Serpents returned to the Void, Order's aspiration for power were quelled.

Trivia Edit

  • The Order Serpent was voiced by Ultima VII Part Two programmer Phil Sulak.

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