Origin Soundtrack Series Volume 2

Origin Soundtrack Series Volume 2 was published by Origin in 1993. It has a running time of 49:48 and contains many pieces from Ultima VII: The Black Gate, Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle, and Strike Commander. All tracks were recorded through a Roland MT-32 synthesizer module, the de-facto standard for computer game music at the time.

Its original list price was $9.95.

Track ListEdit

1) Ultima VII / Serpent Isle Combat (Ultima 7: The Black Gate, Ultima 7: Serpent Isle)
2) Conversation with Gwenno (SI)
3) Monk's Theme / Fellowship Theme (TBG, SI)
4) Chamber Music / Love Theme / Passion Play (TBG, SI)
5) Emp Theme / Gwani Theme (TBG, SI)
6) Bane's Theme / Shamino the Amoral (SI)
7) Fortune Teller / Seedy Bar / Camping (TBG, SI)
8) Ghost (SI)
9) Great Earch Serpent's Theme / Batlin's Theme (SI)
10) Dupre's Death / Love (A Virtue) (TBG, SI)
11) Torture / Wall of Lights (TBG, SI)
12) Stones (TBG, SI)
13) Dragon's Flight (TBG, SI)
14) Strike Commander Combat (Fledgling) (Strike Commander)
15) Selim's Bar (SC)
16) Jungle Strike Base (SC)
17) Desert Strike Base (SC)
18) Columbia to USA Flight (SC)
19) Closing Theme (SC)


  • Composers
  • Arrangement and Recording
  • Randy Buck


  • The release of this disc may have been prompted in part by the number of inquiries received in response to a facetious advertisement for an Ultima VII soundtrack displayed at the end of that game's credits. It was, however, a follow-up to one previous such compilation that included music from Ultima VI, Savage Empire and Martian Dreams, among others.

References Edit

  1. Raymond Benson

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