Owen, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Owen is the shipwright of Minoc in Ultima VII, and quite a tragic character.

Owen was quite a normal shipbuilder, until he joined the Fellowship. He fast became a celebrity member, by claiming to be the best shipbuilder of Britannia, which he really believed, constructing ships by a new plan of his. The Fellowship only strengthened his belief in himself. However, his ships actually were poorly constructed, sunk and there were deaths, but no one dared to say that.

When the Avatar arrived in Minoc in Ultima VII, the cult around Owen pushed by the Fellowship had reached a new height. A 30 feet statue of his was to be erected on the town square, with the Fellowship risking a conflict with the Artisan's Guild. But the Avatar found Owen's plans, and when Julia found out how poorly constructed the ships were, which had caused several deaths, mayor Burnside canceled the statue. Owen, ripped out of his dreams by the harsh truth he hadn't known, committed suicide after losing his mind in the shock.

After his death, no one wanted anything to do with him anymore, Elynor dropping him like a hot potato.

Trivia Edit


One of the wrecked ships

  • Since Owen has much to do, he sells no ships.
  • One of his wrecked ships is found on New Magincia, another on Buccaneer's Den.
  • Sadistic Avatars can resurrect him, and watch him die again and again. There is no limit to repeating the cycle.

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