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Ultima Underworld I is the only Ultima ever ported to the Sony Playstation (PSX). The game was only released in Japan, so no English version of it exists. The reason for why Origin made this decision is unknown.

The port came rather late, compared to when the original came out, in 1997. Since the gaming hardware had made huge steps since then, it was decided to make changes to the game engine so that the game would be acceptable for gamers of the time.

The fact that a gamepad can't replace a combination of mouse and keyboard complicated the control scheme. Also, the inventory bug, which made items disappear and was fixed in the CD-version of the original game, was again present in this port.

Since the game is in Japanese, it is difficult to determine if story differences exist.

Changes Edit

  • All the creatures and NPCs are now polygon models. Everything else, from the surroundings to the items, is still the original graphics, only slightly blurred.
  • The game is fullscreen, with only some indicators visible. The inventory is in a separate screen, which makes it less readily accessible.
  • The intro and endgame were completely redone. They also have more dialogue.
  • Numerous character portraits were changed to give them a more anime-like look.
  • All of the music was remixed. Most of it has a slight resemblance to the original music.
  • The PSX-port has many sound effects, while the original had no digital sound effects (apart from the voice acting).

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