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Pagan Magic Armour

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Pagan Magic Armour

This is the best Armour in Ultima VIII: Pagan. This tough armour allows only very few blows to actually do damage. As a bonus, it is very low in weight. However, it is very difficult to assemble it, with the parts strewn over the entire world. A complete set has these parts:
  • Magic Armour
  • Magic Helm
  • Magic Leggings
  • Magic Gauntlets
  • Magic Shield

The Avatar found them all in his Quest to leave Pagan, but it is unclear what happened to them afterwards.

Trivia Edit

The locations of the pieces:

  • Magic Armour actually comes in the three qualities. The Ghost Armour is the worst, the Necromancer Armour average, and the Armour from the Obsidian Fortress is the best.

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