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This table shows all the possible Party Members in Martian Dreams.

Portrait/Name Class Where to find + notes Starting Stats + Paperdoll
Dr. Spector
Scientist Right from the start. Has electrical knowledge.

Begins with muffler, wool jacket, rubber gloves, cotton pants, and riding boots.

Level 2
STR 16, DEX 18, INT 22
Nellie Bly
Adventurer Right from the start.

Begins with Derringer, pistol rounds (20), wool dress, cotton work gloves, and woman's shoes.

Level 1
STR 14, DEX 21, INT 19
Lt. Dibbs
Soldier At the 1893 landing site.

Begins with Revolver, sabre, pistol rounds (20), military helmet, wool jacket, work gloves, wool pants, hip boots, and oxium (20).

Level 1
STR 19, DEX 20, INT 15
Richard Sherman
Adventurer Found in the mines. Leaves after Chsheket joins.
Level 2
STR 20, DEX 21, INT 18
Martian Joins after transferred into robotic body in Hellas. Immune to negative effects, but Martian Berries still work on her.
Level 1
STR 24, DEX 16, INT 20

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