Patterson, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Castle Britannia
Patterson is the mayor of Britain in Ultima VII. He is married to Judith, the director of the Hall of Bards. Their marriage, however, isn't the best and he has a secret. He is a Fellowship member, and despite appearing innocent and simply ignorant at first, it is later revealed that he is much deeper involved than first seen.

Patterson won the elections in a landslide, because of massive sponsorship from the Fellowship, with over 70% against his rival, the farmer Brownie. Brownie had decided not to use Patterson's dirty secret against him. The Avatar met him in Ultima VII, where Patterson gave him the details of the murder on Finster, a aspiring politician, a few years ago. But Patterson seemed nervous about something. After hearing the rumors from Brownie and suspicions from his wife, Judith, the Avatar caught Patterson cheating with the curator of the Royal Museum, Candice, thus forcing him to speak of the affair.

Patterson got his married life back in order in time, and he was seen as simply a victim of the Fellowship. But a different face of his was revealed in Ultima Underworld II one year later. While he appeared nervous and useless most of the time, it was actually him who cast the spell to erect the Blackrock Dome at the Guardian's orders, and then he waited for the troops from Killorn Keep, proving that he was deeply involved in the Fellowship and the Guardian's plot. He killed Lady Tory in cold blood when she discovered his secret, and murdered Nelson, when he found a way to destroy the dome.

Patterson found his end after his last crime, when the Avatar killed him in combat, avenging the people he had murdered. Patterson died with hatred in his eyes. On his last breath, he asked Avatar to tell Judith that he was sorry.

Trivia Edit

  • Patterson also was the head of the Britannian Tax Council. Hints throughout the game show that he used it to deepen the divide in the Britannian society and get another advantage for the Fellowship.